Month: October 2019

More Fashion Trends in spring

In the coming fashion season, you should be open to surprises. Many designers use patterns, such as the checkerboard pattern in black and white in all variants. Similarly, the fashion designers seem to have fallen for the pattern. Everything is permitted, you can combine everything.

The checkerboard pattern is particularly sexy, reminiscent of the fashion style of the 60s. In this case, the larger the print, the more attention to you. Furthermore, shimmering metallic fabrics and colours are very trendy this year. It is here not only to tones in silver, gold or copper, but also pink, violet, purple or green. Metallic shades are best combined with black or white. In addition, hats are fashionable in spring 2013. Here anything goes, anything goes, from wide-brimmed hats or caps on even smaller models. You can complete the right hat rocking her, noble or urban style. Overall, the women’s fashion business in the spring of 2013, varied and unusual. If you are keen to experiment, it is great.

To make custom engraved jewellery

Online you will find bracelets, diamond rings and necklaces that can complement with different elements in any way. When jeweller and online store you can choose necklace pendants, necklaces, bracelets, rings and key chains that have engraved plates. For the engraving, you can choose different fonts. A classic example of an engraving is the first name. Leave it in a font that you like, engraving on the piece of jewellery. If that is not enough customization, you often have the opportunity to fill the lettering with precious stones or Swarovski; also, you can make the engraving with colour. Instead of a first name, initials also can be engraved on the jewellery. They can be placed on imaginative way, you are sure to find an idea for yourself as choose an original font.

Gold – The Noble classics for special jewellery

Individually is a photoengraving, you can often order from online stores for photo gifts. Such photo-engravings, for example, a portrait photo of you, you can engrave on chain or key chain and use as a gift for your partner. Wedding rings you can customize. This is something very special, unusual.

Spring fashion trends

What trends are expected in spring 2013? What changes and improvements you can hope? In spring and summer 2013, the elegant nude and brown tones in particular are very fashionable. Furthermore, meaningful colours play an important role. Garments, for example, in the colours of sunshine yellow or strawberry belong in your closet. What other trends in women’s fashion this spring are waiting for you, you will learn in this post.

What trends dominate women’s fashion next spring?

Bright colours such as lime green are accented with garments used by only small distinctive parts, such as the collar of a blouse is decorated in this colour. Even with pencil skirts and blouses, you are right on trend. In contrast, maxi skirts are not fashionable in comparison to last year, so you should rather have in your wardrobe for this season. In addition, lace and leather are often used. Furthermore, the designers relied on the play of contrasts. Therefore, graphic prints with shimmer or romantic sounding substances are combined.

Because of this combination, they get something completely new and exciting. In addition, the transparent look is back. Transparent dresses or blouses with studded collar or sleeves are very popular. Do not be afraid to try something new and try out new trends.

Jewellery: Tips and Ideas

Jewellery is a piece of personality, because it expresses the style of the wearer or the wearer. Everyone has his own taste when it comes to jewellery. Jewellery should be as individual as possible, because the carrier wants to distinguish it from others. Finally, luxury jewellery, not everyone has it, so you want; as the owner is not that, another has the same piece of jewellery. They make jewellery with engravings personally and especially individually.

Jewellery that you make yourself with engravings is a very beautiful and personal gift to people who are close to you and whom you want to give a special joy.Very beautiful and impressive are the diamond rings.Moreover, they are a great accessory to any fine clothing.