In general, the first thing you have to keep in mind is that it is completely normal for a carpet, either made of wool or synthetic fibers, to release fluff the first days of use.

Now, if a carpet is stained, it is important to follow the following steps, in general:

  • Tidy the stain instantly. Prevent drying. Brush it to attempt to descale as much as possible if it is dry or strong.
  • Make a color test in a corner or in the less noticeable location of the carpet with the cleansing item to be utilized. Use the item in the location of the stain by pushing with an absorbent fabric and without rubbing if it is strong.
  • Apply warm water with a sponge after pushing without rubbing.
  • Essential: After cleansing, dry the carpet completely with absorbent fabrics or a soft-temperature clothes dryer.
  • Brush carefully, the location that was stained to raise the hair back from the carpet.

Do not treat with carpets with latex backing or rubber sheet, unless they are small and very superficial stains.

If, after having followed the steps mentioned above, the stain has not been cleaned, it may be a more specific stain, such as the wine we were talking about at the beginning. Coffee, chocolate, milk, or nail polish stains, among others, are more difficult to remove … but not impossible.

Cleaning Tips for Fiber Carpets

To maintain good maintenance in fiber carpets, vacuum cleaning is sufficient. Also, occasionally you can pass a clean mop, well-drained with water and neutral soap so that the carpet recovers the lost shine. But to act before a small “domestic accident” in which more specific stains occur, here are some cleaning instructions prepared by carpet cleaning professionals that have been in the business for over ten year:

  • Blood: Put in a glass a fifth of neutral soap, a small stream of ammonia, another of vinegar, and fill with warm water.
  • Butter, Wax: In a glass, fill a fifth with neutral soap and a small stream of vinegar with warm water.
  • Vomiting: Once dry, scratch, and vacuum. Then mix in a glass of water a little ammonia with warm water and pass it through the stain with a warm cloth.
  • Chocolate, jam, honey: Add a little ammonia in a glass of warm water.
  • Drinks: Prepare in a glass of warm water, a fifth of neutral soap, and a little vinegar.
  • Coffee, tea, egg: In a glass of cold water, mix a fifth with neutral soap and add a small splash of vinegar or ammonia.
  • Chewing gum: Apply anti-chewing gum product.
  • Nail polish, glue: Apply acetone or alcohol
  • Lipstick: In a glass of warm water, add a fifth of neutral soap.
  • Paint: In a glass of warm water, add a fifth of neutral soap. After cleaning, let dry, scratch, and vacuum.
  • Mud: After drying, scratching, and vacuuming, apply a mixture in a glass of warm water with a small stream of ammonia.
  • Red wine: Act immediately with a 50% solution of vinegar with water.
  • Grease: Pass an absorbent paper over the remains, apply alcohol, and let it evaporate. In a glass of warm water, add a fifth of neutral soap and a small stream of vinegar.

Finally, absorb as much moisture as possible with cloths or napkins and then brush the fabric.